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Message from Denise of the Refreshments re “Not Uke U Campout”:

Some of the folks from Eugene were talking as we were packing up from Uke U this year and lamenting that there wouldn’t be a gathering of camping folks at Tumalo State Park next year because all the fine folks who put Uke U are ready for a break! Then we decided, why not have the campout anyway, minus the organized activities. We could just pick a weekend, make some reservations, and voila! An instant gathering of ukulele players. We decided to call it the Not Uke U Campout for now.

We picked the weekend of June 28-30, 2019, and decided to go for it. We have no agenda except to enjoy the weekend with plenty of time for floating the river, hiking, taking a nap, and of course ukulele playing by the campfire at night. Several Eugene folks are on board, and any of the BUGS who want to join us are welcome. At this time the only thing we’re actually planning on is making reservations for the weekend. The weekend can take shape however it wants. Maybe someone will want to teach a workshop on the grass, or lead a singalong in the afternoon, but I’m not going to produce a schedule or try to do much organization. Let the weekend flow as it may.

Important: reservations for a June 28th, 2019 campout will open up nine months in advance, which would be September 28th, about a week and a half from now. Everyone is responsible for making their own reservations. Many of us have gathered in the C loop in the past. The outer part of the loop has RV hookups, and the inner part is mostly tent sites. If some people want to go in on the group site, it’s just beyond the C loop. Reservations are done through Reserve America. Here’s a LINK to a little more information.

Please share this with whoever you think might be interested.


Uke U is sponsored by Ukulele University, in cooperation with Rise Up International and the enthusiastic assistance of the Bend Ukulele Group. For seven years our Volunteer Crew of BUGs has worked tirelessly to make Uke U the friendliest, best organized festival possible. Profits from Uke U support the Ukes for Youth program, providing ukuleles, instructional resources and support to over 3,000 young people in Central Oregon annually.

After seven years, we have decided it is time to take a break for a year or so, but life, and ukulele music, will go on. Ukulele University and the Ukes for Youth program will continue to grow and develop. The Bend Ukulele Group will still meet regularly, 50-100 of our closest friends, strumming and singing to our favorite songs. New groups will form. And ukulele music will still put a smile on your face, guaranteed!

Thank you all, it’s been a blast!
Bob Rasmussen, Karen O’Donnell, and all the Uke U Family



Attendees, Musicians, BUGs and Volunteers

You ALL made Uke U-7 a success!

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