Community Partners

Uke U has a number of local food vendors offering a tasty mix of foods!

Bend Soup Logo

The Bend Soup Company food truck is a pleasant and welcoming addition to Bend’s cuisine with consistent rave reviews from locals and visitors. When not at special events, the food cart is located in the Century Center off of SW Century Drive on Bend’s west side and specializes in delicious homemade soups and sandwiches. Dave is a great person who is passionate about his business and says Uke U is one of his favorite venues to attend.

Shred Town Logo

Shred Town Food Cart has been in business since 2014, and prior to opening his food cart, Kurt Voorhees worked in some of Bend’s most popular kitchens. Shred Town is now a shiny red state-of-the-art food cart with a mouth-watering menu where each dish has some type of shredded feature. Welcome back Shred Town to Uke U where you were a big hit with folks last year!


THANK YOU for the support from the business community for donations of supplies and services for Uke U:

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Trader Joes

Broken Top Bottle


Seventh Mountain